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Main Dish: What are you doing this Mother’s Day? If you have not had a chance to make a special plan, we have a list of unique ideas for everyone to participate. Here are seven unique activities for families to celebrate Mother’s Day:
A sense of connectedness with other people can be protective regarding the level of risk of developing a substance abuse problem or the likelihood of recovering from such problems. Research has...
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Awkward Silence
Most people don't know what to say about drugs...we do. For information on talking with your kids about drugs and alcohol, click on the "Parents" tab.
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Estrella Super Moms

A big thank you to the Estrella Super Mom's Block Watch!  These moms focus on the safety of their neighborhoods and success of their children. They've been instrumental in spreading the word about our parent education workshops and in disseminating materials in their community. Groups like this play a huge role in helping us achieve our mission of preventing and reducing youth drug and alcohol use.  Learn more about this amazing group on Facebook.