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Celebrating Family & Traditions

What are your family’s holiday traditions? Perhaps they include checking out the many fun holiday events across the Valley. Or, if your family is like many of our staff members, you prefer to eat your way through the holidays by making tasty treats together to share with family and friends.

No matter how your family makes the holidays uniquely your own, remember the importance of quality family time this holiday season. Not only are you all getting to spend some much-needed time together amid the holiday chaos, but that time together is also critical for strengthening family bonds and reducing the likelihood your kids will use drugs and alcohol. Read more » about Celebrating Family & Traditions

'Tis the Season to be Jolly, Safe & Healthy!

'Tis the season--is your family ready to make it a safe one?

As we head out to holiday parties, community celebrations and other seasonal fun, keeping our kids and teens safe when it comes to drug and alcohol offers is a concern that should be at the top of the list. The problem is that it's such a busy time of year. Read more » about 'Tis the Season to be Jolly, Safe & Healthy!

Be Thankful for the Small & Everyday Things

Your kids face numerous decisions every day. Making their bed in the morning might be a house rule—but it’s ultimately still a choice! So is choosing fruit over a frosting-loaded donut for breakfast. But there are also the choices they make that take place at school, their job or while out with their friends that parents may not see.

As we head into this Thanksgiving week, take time to reflect on the good things our kids do each day and don’t minimize those healthy choices for being too small, expected of them or unseen by parents. Read more » about Be Thankful for the Small & Everyday Things


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