Celebrating Family and the New Year

As we begin the New Year, start the celebration with your family by pledging your love for one another and commitment to a safe, healthy and happy 2015. If you have grade school kids, consider taking the DrugFreeAZKids.org Pledge with them. You can sign, print, and place it on your refrigerator. For older children, check out the DrugFreeAZKids.org Teen Pledge. This can help open dialogue with your tweens and teens about the harmful effects of drugs and how to handle peer pressure. Read more » about Celebrating Family and the New Year

411 Drug Series – Molly (Ecstasy)

DrugFreeAZKids.org understands the importance of communicating with your children. We want to share the necessary tools and information with you for starting these important conversations. Being able to address the topic of drug prevention will make your child up to 50 percent less likely to use. This is why we are bringing you a series of regular blog posts, each focusing on a specific drug. It will cover the drug’s common names, impacts and the important details parents should know.

Today’s post in our 411 Drug Series examines Molly, technically known as Ecstasy or MDMA.  Read more » about 411 Drug Series – Molly (Ecstasy)

New Year’s Eve Safety

We’ve picked out our outfits, made plans for a memorable evening and reflected on the past to create our New Year’s resolutions. As we eagerly wait for the countdown, have we ensured that our teens are going to be safe on New Year’s Eve?

The fun and festivities of the holiday don’t have to end in heartbreak due to teens using alcohol or other drugs.

Here are some simple steps to safeguard your teen on this celebratory night: Read more » about New Year’s Eve Safety


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