Share Your Holiday Spirit on #GivingTuesday

You’ve kicked off your holiday shopping season and saved money by shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now it’s time to share your generous holiday spirit on #GivingTuesday. Read more » about Share Your Holiday Spirit on #GivingTuesday

Truth or Myth: "Responsible Teen Drinking?"

Although some parents believe they can teach their kids “responsible drinking” by allowing them to drink at home and providing the alcohol, a new review of 22 studies concludes that this view is misguided.  The Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs reports that researchers studied the association between parental provision of alcohol and teen drinking, and found that it leads to an increase in teen alcohol use.   In some cases, parental provision of alcohol led to increased heavy episode drinking and higher rates of alcohol-related Read more » about Truth or Myth: "Responsible Teen Drinking?"

Things We Are Thankful For

As we head into Thanksgiving week, our team has reflected on the things that we feel most thankful for:

Leslie: I am thankful for my family and the extraordinary team at – from our staff to volunteer Board and funders that help keep our kids healthy and safe.

Thalia: I am thankful for all my loved ones, the awesome team at and all the schools, communities and families we work with.   Read more » about Things We Are Thankful For


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