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Happy Father's Day

Dads play such an important and meaningful role in children’s lives.  Spending quality time with your kids will help create wonderful memories for years to come. Read more » about Happy Father's Day

Powdered Alcohol

When you think of powered drinks, what do you think of? Kool-aid packets? Lemonade? Sports drinks? What about alcohol? It might be time to start worrying about your teen getting ahold of this new alcohol trend. Read more » about Powdered Alcohol

Hope and Healing


In Arizona, kids start experimentation with alcohol and drugs at a young age; in fact the average age for first time drug use is just 13-years old. Current research also shows that marijuana use is three times more likely to lead to addiction for teens than for adults. Because of this it is important to talk with your children often and early about drugs and alcohol. Read more » about Hope and Healing


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