Drug Series 411: Synthetic Drugs

Today’s post in our 411 Drug Series examines synthetic drugs. Read more » about Drug Series 411: Synthetic Drugs

Marijuana’s Many Misconceptions

Over the past several years, perception of marijuana, especially among our teens, has shifted.  From music, to major news outlets, to your next door neighbor, we are being bombarded with messages claiming that marijuana is harmless and in many cases a cure all drug.  Many of these claims however are unfounded and not backed up by reliable research.   Read more » about Marijuana’s Many Misconceptions

The Steps to a Safe Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner! Soon, students everywhere will have more time to hang out with their friends, often leaving their parents to wonder how they can safeguard their teens from drinking and drug use during the time away from school.    Read more » about The Steps to a Safe Spring Break


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