Loves me...... Loves me not

Dating is something that many parents feel unprepared for, yet our kids may already be sizing up potential dates to the next school dance. They were our babies just last year – or even just last month! Now, for the first time, they are facing the unknowns of romantic relationships. There are so many new ways for kids to form romantic attachments today than when we were kids. Things like “d8ing,” a relationship based almost exclusively on communication via texting; “Facebook official;” sexting; and “date rape” drugs are things we didn’t have to navigate during our early teen years.  What’s a parent to do to keep their child safe, emotionally and physically? Read more » about Loves me...... Loves me not

Drug Series 411: Meth understands the importance of communicating with your children. We want to share the necessary tools and information with you for starting these important conversations. Talking with your child about the dangers of drugs can reduce the chance of them using by up to 50 percent. This is why we are bringing you a series of regular blog posts, each focusing on a specific drug. It will cover the drug’s common names, impacts and the important details parents should know.

Today’s post in our 411 Drug Series examines Meth, technically known as Methamphetamine. Read more » about Drug Series 411: Meth


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