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With Freedom Comes Great Responsibility

Your kids are growing up and have been begging you for more freedom. They want to stay up later, stay out longer with friends; the list is endless! But the more freedom your kids have, the more responsibility they should take on. An important life lesson every child needs to learn has to do with the relationship between responsibility and accepting the consequences for their choices. Read more » about With Freedom Comes Great Responsibility

Keeping Your Teenagers Safe During Independence Day

The 4th of July is full of celebration and cheer – honoring our country’s freedom and spending quality time with family and close friends. Is your teen ready to handle the responsibility of his increasing freedom as he grows?  It can be a dangerous holiday for teen drivers travelling to and from events.  Statistics show that the 4th of July is the deadliest holiday on the road. Read more » about Keeping Your Teenagers Safe During Independence Day

Reefer Sanity

Marijuana is a hot topic these days, with the recent legalization of the drug in Colorado and Washington. Many people are wondering what the big deal about marijuana is, and why it’s illegal. Kevin A. Sabet, author of Reefer Sanity, dives into these issues and talks about the myths of marijuana. Read more » about Reefer Sanity


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