Prescription Drug Epidemic

More Arizona teens get high on prescription medicine than cocaine, meth and Ecstasy combined.  It is the fastest-growing drug problem in our country and considered an epidemic by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

When taken as directed by a physician, there are medical benefits to prescription drugs. When misused, they are the silent killer. We often don’t hear about prescription drug deaths in the news because they occur in a private setting like your home. Kids don’t wake up.  

We need to work together to save precious lives. Take action now. Follow these three steps to help keep your children safe from the danger of prescription drug misuse.

Una Guía para ayudar a su hijo a llevar una vida saludable y sin drogas.

1.  Educate Yourself on the Prescription Medicines Kids are Abusing.     


2.  Communicate - Have a conversation with your children about the dangers of misusing medications.


 3.  Safeguard your medicine cabinet and ask your friends and family to do the same.   

Learn about proper disposal of medications that you are no longer using. Many local law enforcement agencies now host drug turn in events or offer turn in opportunities all year long.

You can now anonymously report illegal prescription drug activity to the Drug Enforcement Administration by entering TIP411 (847411) and the keyword TipRx in the text field followed by your message. By continuing our efforts to dispose of unneeded medications and now, helping to reduce illicit activity, we are making extraordinary progress to address the prescription drug epidemic in our communities.





       The Prescription Drug Epidemic: True Stories of Loss and Addiction